this moment is fragile

speak softly

this moment is fragile

i am fragile


i can hear the waves crashing

pieces of the sea each traveled hundreds of thousands of miles just to meet sand

and create shore before being hurdled back into the abyss of ocean

important for only a second

they call me

i can hear the cars speeding by

rushing from place to place

counting seconds

losing moments between the minutes of their last breath when time no longer dictates end

they miss me

i can hear the chatter of strangers nearby

their words bouncing off of each other with intensity

high on the intimacy of fluid conversation

a connection to momentarily suppress the solitude of the human experience

they want me


i can feel the sand beneath my skin

each granule working together to wear down my edges till I’m putty between them

wrapping ribbons around my finger tips

pulling me into their unity

they need me

i can feel the sun slide over my face

each particle of light down my neck and chest

brushing past my legs and finally curling under my toes

caressing my skin like a blind lover

they see me


i can taste the salt in the air

tickling my taste buds with unease

and the anticipation of the undiscovered

before familiarity washes their distaste away

they know me


settle in with me

this moment is fragile

i am fragile




and it fades  a w a y . . .