We try to fill our divide

But the gap widens

Every time we open our mouths.

I want you to know me.

I want you to reach inside my heart

Through my layers of skin

I wear as protection from

The viruses that fester in my biome

Trying to alter my DNA

Making my life their sanctuary.


But it’s a selfish wish.

A wish for me to be seen

When I never try to see you

As more than an outline.


I guess that’s what I need right now,

An outline I can color in with my hopes and dreams.

I need to believe in the idea of you

So I can believe there is still something out there for me.


I think we’re all selfish.

Creatures of habit

Seeking ourselves out in others

Becoming the viruses we try so desperately to escape.


Tell me what piece of you do you see in me that makes you keep seeking.

If we open our eyes is it possible we might find all we could never realize?

But I’m terrified of letting you bleed through the colors I’ve already stained onto your skin

I’m not sure I can stomach much more disappointment in the details.


Instead I’ll chose to stay blind,

Hide in the divide,

And let our colors fade with time.

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